Our “Customer First” service guarantee

Similar to many services in the spectrum of alternative therapy and human change services, success with hypnosis can be affected by several variables that are only within the control of each individual client — attitude, motivation, cooperation, resistance to change, and appointment and program adherence.

While we cannot guarantee human behaviour, we can place in you the trust you place in us when you commit to our service and programs.

At Red Chair Hypnosis, we are 100% committed to supporting our clients in helping them achieve their goals and, as such, provide our unique “Customer First” service guarantee, uncommon with many hypnosis practitioners.

Our Customer First service guarantee reflects our confidence in our professionalism, hypnosis program services and the success we have achieved with clients.

Upon successful completion of select paid programs — such as Quit Smoking and Fears & Phobias — in the unlikely event your require it, we offer an additional re-enforcement session free of charge in the three- to six-month range following your program; some restrictions and conditions may apply.

Understanding that not all people and progress are alike, at the client’s request, in exceptional circumstances following the successful completion of a program, we may provide free quarterly reinforcement sessions for a period of up to one year; some restrictions and conditions apply.

Please feel free to ask questions concerning our Customer First service guarantee during your free consultation.

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