The Red Chair

As you imagine yourself experiencing the life-changing benefits of hypnotherapy to create the change you want, cast aside any images of the cold, cliché “therapist’s couch.” At Red Chair Hypnosis, your comfort and relaxation is top of mind.

The time has come for you to achieve your goals — and the big Red Chair is where you will experience hypnosis, apply it to your goals, and, for your long-term benefit, learn self-hypnosis techniques you can use whenever you want.

Imagine losing yourself in a large, comfy oversized electric recliner, adjusted perfectly for your maximum comfort and relaxation, as you use hypnosis to discover and utilize the power of your subconscious mind. Kick off your shoes, if you want. Let go — and feel day-to-day stress and tension drain from your body, creating a calmness and higher level of focus to work on the change you are seeking.


Why a red chair?

A colour that subconsciously represents energy, passion, action, strength and excitement, red is associated with our most physical needs and our will to survive. Red is a colour of physical movement that awakens our physical life force.

Exciting our subconscious emotions, red promotes ambition and determination, as well as strength and courage. Red energizes us and motivates us to take action.

Red is known to boost assertiveness and confidence in those who are shy or lacking in will power.

Also, a universal sign of danger, red signals us to “STOP!” — symbolic of eliminating bad habits and controlling unwanted behavior.

Physiologically, red energizes and stimulates the physical body, including nerves, blood circulation, and heart rate.

In love and sexuality, red stimulates our deeper and more intimate passions.

Red … is living life to your full potential.

Our work is to help you to achieve that goal.

I invite you to climb into The Red Chair, relax and let go —

Change your mind. Change your life.